These are thoughts, wonderings & ideas about preschool music education. Not a generalist view in terms of one size fits all: on the contrary. 

By means of research we know a lot now about musical development and possible musical responses of young children to music and in music education. My interest is for the larger part what to do on the work floor. 

In short the pedagogics of preschool music education. The why and how.


I am also interested in the idea of musical art education in the early years: reclaiming music and music education for and with young children into the domain of art education. And art-based research methods, not for the external-musical aims, but because they provide an excellent way of presenting research outcomes through non-discursive representational forms. In terms of arts-based research, actual music for young children can be the representation of the investigation. The accumulation of knowledge through and in action, made accessible in a certain shape that goes beyond written reports. Which then in turn benefits the pedagogy of preschool music education.

Thank you for your time reading my thoughts. 


José Retra